Top 7 Agricultral busines ideas in india

1.Mushroom business ideas

Mushroom farming is done in the country from small to large scale. You can earn a lot every month by doing mushroom farming.

2.saffron agricultral business

saffron(kesar) business is very profitable busness.You can earn from Rs 3 lakh to Rs 6 lakh and more every month.

3.masala business ideas

Spices are an everyday commodity. It is very important to have the right spices in the right quantity for any delicious food.

4.Dry fruits business ideas

Nowadays, be it a festival or a wedding, people have started giving dry fruits to their relatives and guests instead of sweets. In such a situation, the business of dry fruits is showing amazing at a very good stage.

5.fruit agricultral business

Who does not like to eat fruits, today everyone likes their different fruits, everyone likes fruits and the demand for fruits has become very high.

6. flowers business ideas

Flower business can be started at least in the initial phase for 25-30 thousand rupees.

7. bamboo farming business

Bamboo can be used to make many products. It is such a tree of our planet from which almost all the items of daily use can be made.

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