best future business        ideas 2025 

1. edtech startup

Edtech means education + technology. The growth of edtech startup has been the highest in India.

2. Agritech startup


In the last few years, the growth of agritech startup has been the highest, according to a report, its market will be 24.1 B $ in the next five years.

3.cyber security startup

This startup protects you from cyber attacks

4. E.V. startup

Due to costly petrol and climate pollution, the growth of electric vehicle has increased the most.

4. Biotech startup

Meaning of biotech = biology + technologyNow the doctor is also easy, after the advent of technology, humans have changed a lot in their treatment methods.

6.Fintech Startup

The market size of fintech is $31b. And by 2023 it will be $84b.

future business ideas in India 2021-2030. In future this startup business ideas will dominate.