how to riase fund for startups and business in india 2022


Bootstrapping or you can also call it self funding. This means your personal savings, friends, family, relations invest in your starup.

2- Angel investors

angel investors is the best way to raise funds, when your company needs money, angel investors invest your (if your starup is strong) immediately.


Crowdfunding means that you raise funds by taking a little money from people, and you run your startup.

4. accelerators & incubators

It provides you with money, mentoring, technology, advice, office setup and networking

5.Venture capital

The venture capital invests in your startup only when you have been a little big starup. Now you have to spread your company in other cities.

6.Business loan

A business loan is basically a borrowed amount of capital that is used for an investment in a new or existing business set up.

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