1. Create a Mindset.

Your Mindset should be Business Mindset, You should learn Hard Working, Facing the Spread, Taking the Right Decision.

2. search a market problem

You have to find the problem of the market. Which you will solve the problem of the customer, you can easily find it.

3. Find a good idea.

You have found your problem, now you have to find the best idea, with which the problem can be solved.

4. Know the market size.

You have to know the market size of your idea, the field in which you are going to work. How big is its market size?

5. Know the market competitor.

There is no competition in the field in which you are going, if there is already. So how do you leave him behind?

6. Build your team.

A good team can take your business to the top.

7. Learn to fundraise.

Do you want to reach your product All India or Globally. So you have to figure out a way to get funding.

8. Learn to do marketing.

Now you have the product. You should start marketing your product. Because he sells what he shows.

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