online business ideas in india 2022

1. blogging business ideas

Meaning of blogging. = To bring your knowledge to the people with the help of a platform, in today's age of internet, many people are earning millions by blogging.

2. youtube business ideas

Today people spend most of their time watching videos on youtube. But many people are earning millions from youtube by taking advantage of this oppurtunity.

3. online teaching

Online teaching is a huge market in itself. You can earn lots of money from this. You can educate millions of children sitting at home.

4.content writting

You can earn by writing for a blogger or a news company, or you can do part time freelancing.

5. online trading 

If you understand the stock market, or have interest in knowing about the market, then you can start a business. media influncer

This can be a great example of online business, if you are interested in digital marketing, then it can be the best business idea for you.

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