Top7 Small business ideas with low investment in india washing business 

Gradually, the demand for buying a car is increasing, now even the middle class family is becoming fond of having their own car.

2.Agarbati making business

It is very easy to do business of incense sticks. You can start this from your home. Agarbatti making machine comes in 1 lakh.

3.Saloon business

If you know hair cutting or have done hair cutting work anywhere. then you can start this business

4.Toy making business

If you have art in your hands, then you can start the toy business yourself, or you can design new toys. insallation business

In this business, solar panels are installed for any home, office, any big company.

6.mask making business

The business of making masks has grown the fastest. Ever since the corona epidemic has set its foot in the whole country, the need for masks has started happening to everyone.

7.LED making business

LED bulb making is a very fast growing business, because it has increased due to cheap, more light, no breakage rate

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