Top 8 small business idaes in 2023

Nowadays people have started liking to drink juice a lot. And drinking juice is very beneficial for our health. You can start it from a cart also. You will have to take a juice machine.

1. juice shop

2. gift shop

Gift  shop can also be a good business. A woman can also start it.  In this, you can sell gifts made or gifts made at home.

3. vegetables shop

Vegetable shop is also a low cost and high profit business, vegetables are needed in every house in the morning and evening.  You can start it in both the village or the city. You can also sell it online.

4. sallon business

If you know hair cutting or have done hair cutting work somewhere. then you can start this business  You have to spend very little in this.

5. footwear shop

Everyone needs slippers or shoes, it helps our feet a lot, people like to wear new shoes and slippers.

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