top 6 motivational books in 2022 for must read

I would like to take the first motivational book Think and Grow Rich, this book contains the secrets of making those 500 rich people rich and 20 years of research.

1.think and grow rich

 You must read this self-help book. This book can be the best way for you to change your life. How can you win the world with your big thinking.

2.the magic of thinking big dad poor dad

Our 3rd motivational book for today's book review is Rich Dad and Poor Dad. This book is one of the best books in the world written on finance.

4. atomic habits 

By making small changes in yourself everyday, you can achieve your destination by changing small habits. The author believes that with these small changes, you can create the life you want.

5. secrets of the millionaire mind 

The author of this motivational book has to say that you give your just 5 minutes, I will tell you how your financial future will be and whether you will become rich or not.

6. Rework

This motivational books must be read by every founder and entrepreneur or future founder. You can be more productive by changing the way you work.

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