top 8 village business ideas in india 2022

1.paper bag business

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Our use of plastic bags is getting polluted.Due to this problem, the demand for the business of plastic bags has increased the most.

2. RO water business

Due to many types of pollution in water, people who drink water often fall prey to many types of diseases.

3.poultry farming business

Poultry farming is called the business of the village, because doing poultry business is a very easy and profitable business idea.

4. general store business

Grocery store is a good business of the village. Which can be started with a cost of 50-60 thousand and can make a good business.

5. cyber cafe business

Due to the increasing digitalization of today, the demand for cybercafe business has increased the most.

6.juice shop business

Due to covid, people have become very conscious about health, especially in villages and small towns, and people like to drink juice more in such villages.

7.flower business

The business of floriculture is also a flourishing business in the villages, which is the best way to earn big profit by starting it at low cost.

8. vegetables vending shop

The farmers of our country grow many types of vegetables and fruits.

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